Friday, March 1, 2013

New Book & Come See Me Speak Monday

Hey Awesome Person You!    

(and the third one is an inspirational kick in the pants just for you):    

a) NEW BOOK: Yay!  My new book is now available everywhere.  It's called "Battle Cries for the Hollywood Underdog - Motivation & Inspiration for your Journey to the Top" by Monroe Mann & Lou Bortone.  If you want to check it out on Amazon, just go to Amazon, and type in the title.  Enjoy!     

b) COME SEE ME SPEAK MONDAY: "Agents, Managers, & Entertainment Attorneys-- What the heck do they do?"  There are about 20 FREE seats left in the 250 seat auditorium at the New York County Lawyer's Association in Manhattan for this special event.  I am part of an inspirational 5-person panel kicking off at 7PM, this Monday, March 4th with after party and DANCING following.  Yeah!  You MUST RSVP here:    

Copy that link, paste it, and then click on 'register' at the end of the first paragraph (it's small, but it's there).      If anyone wants to come at last minute and hasn't registered, text me: 646-764-1764 and I will see if I can give you one of my reserved seats.    

c) GET OFF YOUR ASS!  Take some time this weekend to stop watching tv; stop playing video games; stop taking naps; and START: kicking ass.  Seriously, we all have dreams. Some of us do something with them; others just let them languish in our brains as our souls slowly rot.  Take some time to revise (or write) your 5-year plan--yes, write it down--on all aspects of your life: money, love, career, education, health, etc.  I will be doing it too.  And then, figure out what you can do this weekend to get started on that path to glory.  And then DO IT!  DO SOME MAJOR STUFF THIS WEEKEND DAMNIT!      Remember: it's the unreasonable man who changes the world; not the one who follows the rules. Game on.    

Oh, one last thing: you guys should consider taking hip hop and house dance classes---it is SO much fun.  Plus, tap, contemporary, and ballet.  I take classes every Thursday night and Sunday afternoon/night at Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan.  I am actually becoming a really good club dancer, and it's so thrilling!  Plus, great exercise, and you get to meet some really great friends in the classes.  Check it out:    Only $18 for each 90-minute drop-in class.  I hope to see you in class (and in the clubs) with me soon! I'll be at Hang Time down on Mercer street this Sunday night.    

ROMP ON!  Meet you at the top!  
and thanks for your continuing support.  
-Monroe Mann, Esq, MBA, Me  Facebook me. :)    

P.S. - Call for free consultation: career, business, financial, and life coaching.    
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